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Manufacturer of modern fences

The fence is one of the most important elements of our environment. Its primary task is to protect the land from the access of third parties or animals

 However, the fence is not only to protect property from unwanted visitors but also the business card that increases the attractiveness of your house or company.

A properly selected modern fence is a spectacular decoration, which will create a building as a unified composition.

Who are we?

"" is a brand owned by the SIATMET company.
As a manufacturer of modern fences with years of experience, we are constantly increasing the quality of our products and introducing innovative technologies. Our products evolve with changing production techniques and prevailing trends, and we constantly introduce new models that meet customer expectations. So far, we have cooperated with individual, business, and institutional customers, developers, and architects. That cooperation gave us an experience, which we want to share with you today.

We make fences "tailor-made" for the customer. We provide advice at every single stage of the contract, from conception to implementation. We serve the knowledge gained over the years to help you make the best decisions.

There are three steps to realizing the fence of your dreams:

  1. conception - advice on choosing the right fence for your property with the possibility of visualization.
  2. technology - choosing the right materials for the model you've chosen, preparation of preliminary valuation of the investment with the possibility of dimensioning the area by our fitters.
  3. implementation - preparation of steel elements according to the order at our headquarters, transport to the investment site with the possibility of installation.

Modern Fences

Metal fences have many advantages, ranging from their high durability, easy maintenance, and excellent protection against damage. Products made of steel also provide almost unlimited possibilities of design, so you get a modern fence in a unique form tailored to the individual dimensions and character of your property.


We invite you to visit gallery tab, where you can find photos of just some of our projetcs. 

 We also invite you to our social networking profiles, where we share the news from the company's life on an ongoing basis.

Why us?

Thanks to several years of experience in the industry, innovative technology, and high-quality materials, we guarantee the realization of your dream fence at the highest level. We make unique constructions, tailored to specific objects. At the request of the customer we comprehensively realize the order; we offer assistance in loading at personal collection or transport of ready-made elements to the customer.


Designing, supplying, and installation of metal fences or other products is our domain in which we have specialized for many years. We systematically follow design trends, introducing new, attractive models into our assortment, focusing on meeting the needs of our clients. If you need a stylish and modern fence for your home or business premises, get acquainted with our offer.

Our customers are large and small companies, owners of houses, institutions (e.g. kindergartens, schools, playgrounds, military areas, etc.), and construction and installation companies.

If you want to increase the value of your property, make an impression or you just have a sense of beauty and like to surround yourself with it as we do, then give us a call. 

Production and standards

Fencing is manufactured to the highest standards. We apply them both with regards to the material, the technique, and care of the order. Each model is distinguished by its perfect finish, thanks to which it retains its unchanged appearance in changing weather conditions, even after a long period of use. Our spans, gates, and wickets are protected by a layer of galvanizing, which can be strengthened by using powder coating technology. This is a layer protecting the material against corrosion, which gives our products an aesthetic and elegant finish. Attention to detail makes our products safe, durable and guarantees not only effective protection of the property and privacy but also privacy and a pleasant view, which we look at every day with pleasure.

Installation of fences, wickets and gates

We cooperate with qualified installation teams, so when you order fences with installation you will receive a comprehensive service - from A to Z. Taking care of your precious time we guarantee the quick and efficient installation of a selected fence and competitive prices.

Area of operation

The production of fences takes place in our headquarters in Warsaw, and we offer there also an installation work. However, we accept orders for fencing elements from all over Poland and Europe. We deliver ready products to any place in Poland. For foreign orders, we organize transport through befriended transport companies.

Price list

There is no standard price list on our website because it is updated several times a month. The price depends among other things on the changing price of steel, high and low seasons, as well as the size of the order and the delivery time (e.g. additional express service). We value your time and money and make sure that the customer has an up-to-date and attractive price. That is why every offer prepared by us is valid for 7-14 days depending on the order.


Our company has its own transport, and works with transportation companies.

We deliver our products throughout the country and Europe. 

Each transport is priced individually.




We warmly invite for cooperation: architects, assembly and executive companies, building and wholesalers, developers.

Our fences are a guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction. As distributors of our products, you can be sure of a good choice and affordable price.

To learn more and start cooperation please contact us by email or phone.