Modern metal fences from the manufacturer Warsaw/Poland

Horizontal palisades offered by our company are the quintessence of an elegant, contemporary style and perfect protection of the property against unwanted people or prying eyes of passers-by and neighbours. 


horizontal palisade

Our company is a long-standing and experienced manufacturer of various types of fences, tailored to individual customer needs. We offer modern elements consisting of metal profiles. We select their thickness, the light between them, and the color according to your idea and project so that they match the style and color scheme of your house. The horizontal palisade will give your property an original character fitting perfectly into its surroundings, pleasing the eyes of passers-by while providing you with privacy on your property.

Horizontal fences in plenty of varieties

If you are looking for an idea for the original surroundings of your home, check out the offer of our company. We create all our horizontal fences individually according to our client's design. Adjust to your needs:

  • the thickness of profiles,
  • spacing, which is the amount of light between the elements, which starts from 10 mm,
  • color - the palisade can match the color of the roof of your house.

Thanks to the variability of these three characteristics, each of our projects is unique and unrepeatable. Create with us a fence that perfectly suits your style.


Technical data - dimensions

We are an experienced manufacturer of palisades, consisting of steel closed profiles. For our customers, we have profiles with dimensions: 20/20, 40/20, 60/20, 80/20, 100/20, 120/20 mm. The height of the fence will depend on the thickness of its elements and the amount of light between them. We adapt the design to your individual needs.

Catalog PDF

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What distinguishes our horizontal fences?

We create high-quality horizontal palisades on a solid steel frame, which will enliven any property and give it a modern look. They are distinguished by:
  • the original, designer style that will become a showpiece of your property,
  • robustness of workmanship - our palisades are durable and safe, they are an effective,
  • solidity of manufacture - our palisades are durable and safe, they are effective protection against burglary and prying eyes,
  • the possibility of selecting individual elements according to your taste and idea.

Price list

We offer our clients services at an attractive price. We update the price list at least several times a month depending largely on fluctuating steel prices. Therefore, for each customer, we create individual pricing, including horizontal fence design, material materials, and installation. For this reason, we have decided not to place on our website a standard, uniform price list. Each individually created valuation remains valid for only 7-14 days due to differences in steel prices.
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